Excellent Selling Books in Tamil Genie-Nokkuvarma Payanam of a (Tamil)- by ராஜேந்திரன் ஆர் (Author)

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குறள் 96 :அல்லவை தேய அறம்பெருகும் நல்லவை
நாடி இனிய சொலின்
உரை : பிறர்க்கு நன்மையானவற்றை நாடி இனிமை உடையச் சொற்களைச் சொல்லின், பாவங்கள் தேய்ந்து குறைய அறம் வளர்ந்து பெருகும்.
Book Description-

Nokkuvarma Payanam- Varmakkalai Aasaanin Nokkuvarma Payanam –

Lifetime journey of Master R.Rajendran on his quest to learn Nokkuvarmam, a highest stage of a Tamil Martial Art Varmakkalai. It is one of the ancient art that believed to have existed, he brought that back to life by sheer hard work for 50 years. He helped displaying it in “Indian” or “Hindustani” movie and various other mass media. This is his own literary work of how he attained the highest stage of Tamil martial art (both nokkuvarmam & metheedakkalai) which are not even explained in Tamil dictionary.

R. Rajendran

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Customer Voice on the Nokkuvarma Payanam    of a (Tamil) – by ராஜேந்திரன் ஆர் (Author)

1)5.0 out of 5 stars

The Spirit Of Varmakalai : State Of the Art
I loved this book. People who are interested in searching and learning Varmakkalai as well as Traditional arts will most probably be very much interested in reading this book.Readers can gain knowledge of what Varmakkalai is. One of the things that was how Master Rajendran Struggles in Promoting this wonderful Art Varmakkalai and also he succeeded in that too. Also, many topics are discussed here, like Varmakkalai, Meditation, Herbs, Spirituality, Alchemy and more importantly NOKKU VARMAM. it has many important events in history to know and remember.This book was very well written. It has photos along with descriptions of the photos. These photos give us a better idea of what is Varmakkalai.I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to learn Varmakkalai. A Dynamic Guide…I give this book 5 stars.

2)5.0 out of 5 stars

Awesome book… Great to know about the life history of my Master and his journey towards nokkuvarmam and Meitheendakalai. The amount of knowledge & practical skills he possess in Varmakkalai, Medicine, Herbs, Spirituality, Alchemy, Strategy, Leadership and in more topics is like an ocean. I am blessed to be part of Manja Varmakkalai. Must read for everyone who wants to know about the ancient martial arts from Tamilnadu and about a great living legend who is helping and training people to learn this wonderful art and curing health related issues for many people. A true warrior and a great human being. Guruvae Saranam

3)5.0 out of 5 stars

Great book to get involved and unlock our doubts on Varmakkalai
This book nicely explains the power of Varmakkalai and showcases many real life incidents. It will definitely improve our knowledge level about many things we have heard about but never know the truth about it, for example Varma Adi and Ilakku, Sanjeevi mooligai, Rasamani etc. Happy to read this book.

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