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குறள் 46 : அறத்தாற்றின் இல்வாழ்க்கை ஆற்றின் புறத்தாற்றில் போஒய்ப் பெறுவ தெவன்
உரை:ஒருவன் அறநெறியில் இல்வாழ்க்கையைச் செலுத்தி வாழ்வானானால், அத்தகையவன் வேறு நெறியில் சென்று பெறத்தக்கது என்ன?


Book Description-


Selina ICSE Concise Biology for Class 10 (Revised 2020)

This biology book by Selina Publishers is designed for the class 10 syllabus of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) curriculum. It contains 243 pages of topics that have been updated with the current syllabus for the 2019 ICSE class 10 examination. The language used is simple and easy to understand. It has been authored by H.S. Vishnoi who has been known for his vast knowledge in the field of Biology.

Salient Features of this Textbook:

 It includes diagrams and illustrations for a better understanding of each topic.

 Enriched with exercises at the end of chapters, it gives the students a chance to self-assess their knowledge base.

 It comes with chapters which have been divided into subchapters so that the students can learn it all, one at a time.

 Schematic representation of data along with graphs let the students grasp the essence of each topic.


Science for Tenth Class Part3 Biology (Examination 2019-2020)-

The best source to learn from, this Biology textbook will be a nice pick for any student studying in Class 10. It has been penned by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur. Published by S Chand Publishing, it covers topics that maintain strict parity with the syllabus that has been laid out by the CBSE. Besides, this paperback comes enriched with content that is easy to understand.

Topics Covered in the Textbook:

 Life Processes

 Control and Coordination

 How do Organisms Reproduce?

 Heredity and Evolution

Chapter 5 – Our Environment

 Chapter 6 – Management Of Natural Resources

Salient Features of the Textbook:

It contains the schematic representation of data along with graphs, which displays different aspects of Biology.

It contains clearly labelled pictures of the physiology of different animals – very easy for the students to understand.

Containing exercises at the end of each chapter, it lets the students self-evaluate their knowledge base.

Additional key points and keywords let the students keep a memo tab of the things learned through each chapter.






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