Best Selling Books in Tamil Genie-Encounter the Enlightened: Conversations with the Masterof a (Tamil)- bySadguru Jaggi Vasudeva (Author)

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குறள் 83 :வருவிருந்து வைகலும் ஓம்புவான் வாழ்க்கைபருவந்து பாழ்படுதல் இன்று
உரை :தன்னை நோக்கி வரும் விருந்தினரை நாள் தோறும் போற்றுகின்றவனுடைய வாழ்க்கை, துன்பத்தால் வருந்திக் கெட்டுப் போவதில்லை.
Book Description-

Encounter the Enlightened: Conversations with the Master-

Encounter the Enlightened is a guiding beacon of divine wisdom and inspiration for all persons seeking self-realization and an experience of the unbounded nature of life. Master, mystic and yogi Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev presents a rare glimpse of undiluted truth from discourses given to yoga disciples and other audiences at his ashram in south India and around the world. A tool of tremendous value in an age imprisoned by materialism and dogma, these dialogues are an essential key to inner exploration of the profound questions of humanity: Who am I? Why are we here? What happens after death? What is the meaning of life? The master speaks with undeniable logic and wisdom that penetrates the deepest realms of our heart and soul.

Encounter the Enlightened examines some of the most controversial social and spiritual issues of our time through the lens, wisdom and words of an enlightened being whose teachings are simple and pristine. Sadhguru’s compelling and often-provocative responses lead readers to an understanding of the ego that keeps us in bondage, the fragmentary nature of the mind and the crippling conditioning of society. Sadhguru presents a possibility to transcend the limitations of the three-dimensional world and awaken the absolute – the ultimate fulfillment. In the words of Sadhguru, the fruit of such an awakening is that “you can go through life untouched, you can play with life whichever way you want and still life cannot do anything to you; life does not leave scars on you. That is the miracle that we are working to manifest in everybody’s life.”

Of Mystics & Mistakes-

There Are Only Two Types Of People: Mystics And Mistakes,” says Sadhguru, leaving readers in no doubt of the category to which they belong! That sounds damning. But mistakes can thankfully be rectified. And that’s the hope this book holds out to seekers. It reminds us that each one of us can make the journey – from confusion to clarity, from error to enlightenment, from self-deception to self-discovery – if only we choose.

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Customer Voice on theEncounter the Enlightened: Conversations with the Master of a (Tamil) – by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva (Author)

1)5.0 out of 5 stars

As they say at Isha
Somethings can never be explained but only experienced

If ever you have experience anything beyond the logical that has initiated your quest for the other dimensions of life this book will give you a frame work to begin with your exploration

2)5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing life wisdom available at one place
Extremely intelligent and pragmatic responses to the most commonly occurring questions to those who have a quest to live life fully. A must read for those who wish to be spirituality matured for joyful and successful living.

3)5.0 out of 5 stars

An eye opener
Must read if you want to take charge of your own life . Sadhguru answers questions in crisp and clear manner.

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